February 25, 2018

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Define Yourself As An Investor , Before Investing

Before investing a dime in the stock market, buying shares in a mutual find or any other investment vehicle you must define yourself as an investor. As different as we are in out individual personalities, we are also different in our risk tolerance and investment principles

Defining what kind if investor you are is not really hard if you apply some basic principles and answer simple questions about yourself. These questions should be answered honestly and the only one who could be hurt here for shading the truth is you. Investing is not gambling, although many satisfy their gambling urges with the stock market. More on that later

How old are you? Seems simple, but it is important. The 25-year-old female college graduate can assume more risk in her portfolio simple because she has more productive years of work left than the 45 year old administrative assistant.

What are you investing goals? This one is not quite so simple. Most people would say their goals are to make money with investing. Fair enough, but you need to get more specific. Are you investing for retirement? Are you investing for your children’s education?

Imagine that you had 10,000.00 to invest in the stock market. Would your priority be watching that money grow slowly over time while limiting your risk? Or perhaps you want your money to grow quickly and assuming risk to accomplish your goals doesn’t bother you at all. The first example would be defined as a conservative investor, the second a more aggressive investor. Most people fall somewhere in between the two.

Risk and reward apples to everyone who invest money in the stock market. The stock market shows no partiality in either rewarding or relieving someone of their money. Defining who you are as investor will help you make better decisions when choosing your investments

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