February 25, 2018

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Beginner Investing , How Much Money Should I Invest

How Much Money Should I Invest

When considering how much you should invest, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is how much can I afford to invest.  In your deliberations, you should consider factors we have discussed previously, like your current financial situation.

Are you making payments on high interest credit cards or other debts?  Do you have enough money to sustain you for at least three months should you meet with some unforeseen misfortune like a sudden medical illness or finding yourself unemployed?  Do you have a home or other responsibilities that may require some unexpected out of pocket expenses?  These are all things to take into consideration when you set out to determine how much you should to invest

Many first time investors or beginner investors often want to begin by investing their entire savings.  Although for some this may be an option and if it’s true for you, great!  However, you should consider your entire financial situation and keep your investments strategy in line with your long range financial goals.  Think about what your savings was originally for.  This may prompt you to reconsider a full investment from long standing savings.

So, begin by determining how much of your savings should remain in your savings account, and how much can be used for investments. Unless you have income or funds from another source, such as an inheritance, this will quite likely be all that you have available to invest.

Next, determine how much you will be able to add to your future investments. If you are employed, you will continue to receive an income, and you can plan to use a portion of that income to build your investment portfolio over time. Most employers offer 401K plans and other savings plans to assist their employees with meeting their financial goals for retirement.  You can also speak with a qualified financial planner who can assist you in setting up a budget and help you determine how much of your future income you should invest to meet your financial goals.

With the educated and knowledgeable assistance of a financial planner, you can be sure that you are not investing more than you can afford – or less than you should in order to achieve your specific investment goals.

As with many types of investments, you can be assured that a certain initial investment will be required.  Research the investments you plan to make and be armed with all the information you can obtain prior to investing your money.  If you don’t have the required initial investment amount, you may need to look for other investment options like best cd ratesBeginning investors should never borrow money to invest.

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