February 25, 2018

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Beginners Investing , The Basics

If you have arrived on this page it is likely you either want to learn about investing or you have learned some already. These pages can help both types of people. Investing for many is exciting and for a few of those the anticipation of beginning becomes overwhelming. You have heard many an advertisement that states these investments are not suitable for everyone; you can and will lose money. There is a reason they say that. It is the truth. With investing, there is a inherent risk of losing your money. Most beginning investors usually do.

So before you invest your hard earned money it is best to learn a few important principles to reduce your risk. By the way what is your risk tolerance? We will cover that in our pages. First and foremost it is important to establish your goal for investing and your expectations for your return on those investments.

Lets say you were living in Alaska, I was in Texas, and I invited you over for dinner. The first thing you would ask is for directions to my house. Imagine if I told you, oh no worries I live in Texas you’ll find me. Seems impossible doesn’t it? The same thing is true of investing. Without road maps your chances of arriving at your destination, in this case your investing goals, the chance of success are greatly diminished. You must have a plan, and then work your plan,

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