February 25, 2018

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Buy Sell or Hold During Market Corrections

Whether you are a beginner investor or an experienced trader, no doubt the rennet market downturn is affecting your decisions. Most certainly the market is affecting everyone’s emotions. While many may look at today’s market as a buying opportunity a position in cash, bonds or fixed annuities is not a bad decision. So where do we go from here? Buy Sell or Hold ?

The market reacts to every bit of economic news that’s hits the news wires. It always has it always will. Fortunes have been made off both positive and negative results. Are you a trader or an investor? Swing traders actually can flourish in markets like these. Their positions are usually tied to news, and enter and exit stocks on a short-term basis, from a few days to a few weeks. Swing traders watch for technical and fundamental analysis in determining their strategies, bent more towards technical signals.

However the investor uses a different tact. Their decisions are based on the fundamentals of the company. 90% of all stocks follow the market regardless of how good stock fundamentals are. This is where your own strategy comes into play. Determining who you are as an investor well in advance of trading the stock market is a key factor in determining your success as an investor.

We were recently asked a question. A woman stated she had lost 35% on paper with her investments recently. “What should I do?” We cannot answer that question for her, nor can anyone else. You will never be able to buy any stock at its absolute bottom, nor will you be able to determine the absolute top when selling. That’s simple fact is as much a part of investing in the stock market as any other rule you may apply.

Preservation of capital should be your number one priority with investing. Your pre-determined rules for trading stocks should be the rules you follow. The real question is do you have rules that you follow. Frankly most do not, and that is why most people lose money in a market correction.

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