February 25, 2018

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Planning For Beginner Stock Market Investing

Charting a course towards financial success should be the first step you take in beginner stock market investing. What vehicle you choose, what strategy you employ will only be a successful as the plans you make before you invest. Investing for beginners or investing for professionals, the same rules apply you must have a plan

For illustration purposes, lets assume I have just invited you over for dinner. Assuming you accepted the invitation, one of the first questions your would ask is “How do I get there? “ The same applies to beginner investors. Every investor was at one time a beginner investor. The investors who reach the finish line with a nest egg had a plan to get there.

Lets get back to dinner. I live in Florida. You live in California. That would not provide enough information for your arrival. You have a starting place and a destination, but what about the plan to get to dinner? You would need to know specifics. The same applies to investing. You would prepare for the journey, chart a course and arrive safely in Florida as you would with your investment goals.
The same principle applies to beginner stock market investing. Lets assume you have $10,000.00 to invest right now. So how do you prepare?

Understand How The Stock Market Works

Individual investors should start right here. What makes a stock price move? Hint: it is not individual investors. Institutional investors, such as mutual funds, and banks, move stock prices up and down. Simple supply and demand I the order of the day. Institutions make a living buying and selling stocks. Following along with how institutions trade is a good place to start. Understand your 1000 shares of XYZ are not going to move the stock price.

Defining Yourself as An Investor

My personal stop loss point is 6%. Why is that? Because I do not like the way it feels losing 10% or even 7%. This is a hard and fast rule for me. I remember following a stock once down to a 20% loss thinking all the while it would come back. It did not. The point is I know myself, and I know my rules. They are non-negotiable factors for me with investing in the stock market.

Where Are You Now As an Investor?

Every journey begins with a starting point. Every journey has a destination point. Everything you do in between will either define your success or document your failure. Set your goals; practice your strategy with paper trading stocks. Set aside capital for short term investing. Plan to include long-term investments. Open a money market account for safely keeping your cash. If you want to trade options, first learn how to trade options . Determine your plan and then work your plan. Dinner is at 6

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