February 25, 2018

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Stock Market Sectors To Watch

We are getting perilously close to that 7800 area on the Dow that was the intraday low we hit in November and bounced back up. This time if we hit it, I do not think it will hold. I believe we will be heading a lot lower around the 6500 area possibly 6000.

The markets just keep getting disappointing news.

This past week a bunch of banks reported worse than expected earnings and loan losses that are still growing. Bank of America saying they will possibly need billions more in aid from the Federal Government. Then besides all of Thain’s earlier missteps, came the revelation this past week that he spent 1.2 million redecorating his office!! All I could do was shake my head in utter disbelief. What’s 1.2 million when the company (Bank of America) that your are second in command of is getting Billions of dollars of taxpayer money from the Federal Government.

Microsoft released a disappointing earnings report and because of the market volatility they are unable to provide guidance for revenue or EPS (earnings per share) for the rest of the year.

Then there was a decline GDP(Gross Domestic Product) in Q4 for both China and the UK. This means that growth is slowing which is a bad thing.

To top it off housing starts fell to an annualized rate of 550 thousand units, the lowest on record going back to 1959. Initial jobless claims jumped back up to 589 thousand, which is a 26 year high.

Another ponzie scheme was discovered in California. Approximately 1000 people lost 52 million dollars.

Should I keep going on or just quit now? There is just no good news out there.

If the government announces plans to create a bad bank, that’s a bank that buys all the toxic loans from the troubled banks to get the loans off their books, that might put a floor in the financial markets and turn things around. It’s an idea that has been kicked around. We’ll have to wait and see.

Back on November 7th I wrote in my Stock Market Updates “Obama plans to raise the amount of federal money spent on science and technology research, to spur innovation and job creation. He will be seeking approval to spend 150 billion dollars over the next 10 years on clean energy technologies, and 10 billion a year over the next five years on healthcare information systems. He has pledged to double federal funding for basic research in science and technology, this includes embryonic stem cell research.”  As bad as the market has been the last few weeks, stem cell biotechs and healthcare stocks have been moving up. Geron’s announcement this past week about starting stem cell trials in humans for spinal cord injuries really caused a move. Keep in mind it is only a 10 person trial and it’s many years from being marketed. I am not recommending that you go and invest in these stocks, do you own research and investigation. These are sectors to keep your eyes on.

Some economic events this week are:
Existing home sales Jan 26th
Consumer confidence Jan. 27th
Durable goods orders Jan. 29th
Jobless claims Jan. 29th
None of which I expect to be good or surprise us with better than expected numbers.

As always whether you are long or short may all of your trades be profitable!!


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