February 25, 2018

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Tips To Lose Money In The Stock Market

The possibility of making money the stock market has always had a unique attraction. The market gains new investors everyday hoping to cash in on stocks. Perhaps you have heard the phrase: This investment is not suited for everyone, investors can and do lose money. Sadly many do lose money. Most are unprepared to understand the nature of how the stock market works. The beginning investor is at a distinct disadvantage. You will lose money if you follow this simple plan

Buying Stocks On Hot Tips

Begin buying stocks because someone, a friend, a relative, or a stockbroker gave you a hot tip. Buying stocks is not like buying a lottery ticket, although many people buy stocks the same way. This is gambling and investing should never be confused with gambling. Investing properly require research in the company and research in the market. Failure to do both will guarantee failure, and subsequently lost money.

Buy Stocks Because of Name Recognition

Many people think they are buying stock in huge corporations and that will minimize the risk of losing money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Filings for bankruptcy protection occur everyday and that includes large corporations. When you think to yourself, this company is too big to go out of business, remind yourself of Enron.

Trust your investing decisions with a stranger

As in any business there are unscrupulous individual who prey on unsuspecting victims. Before you hand your resources over to anyone, make sure you have researched their background and their historical performance. Do not rely on their word as the final say. It is likely that you have worked very hard for your money. Saving money is difficult and requires sacrifice in today’s economy. Investing money in the stock market requires that same kind of diligence.

Buying Stocks That Have Recently Fallen in Price

Many beginner investors choose stocks because they are perceived to be cheap. Financial markets often affect stock price. However more often stocks that have fallen out of favor have done so because of the company is not on firm financial ground. Bottom fishing often results is falling further to the bottom. Stocks that have reached new lows more often than not go lower.

Buying Penny Stocks

This is a favored place for beginning investors to begin with investing in stocks. The reasons are simple. Penny stocks are priced right for new investors. Beginner investors are told, 20,000 shares of XYZ can be purchased for pennies per share. The immediately think the stock needs only to appreciate in price a few cents to double their money. The lure of easy money draws then in and frequently the loss of their investments teaches them a lesson. Concentrate on stocks that are proven winners. Leave the speculative stocks to the speculators and train yourself to become an investor.

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